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Wellingtonia Class are our Year 5 and 6 children, we follow the National Curriculum. As we progress through Key Stage 2 the emphasis switches to secondary readiness, ensuring children are able to use their skills fluently in an increasingly challenging and outward-looking curriculum.

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Over the course of this term, Wellingtonia have been learning about the Mayan Civilisation. We have been taking part in lots of different activities with the Mayan theme such as: making masks, religion, Mayan dancing and learning about calendar symbols. 

During Technology week we have replicated Mayan artefacts such as: clay pots, houses (3d cubes), Mayan Fans and also did some baking of Tortillas. We have enjoyed researching and learning about the Mayan Civilisation.

By Kayleigh (Year 6)

Recent Work - Gymnastics

On Tuesday 31st January a group of children from Wellingtonia Class went to the Thatcham Lakeside Bowling Centre to compete in a bowling competition.  We played three games, we won two and lost the other.  Sadly, we did not win any medals but most importantly we did have lots of fun!

On 7th February a group of children from Cherry Class also went to compete at the Thatcham bowling alley. They were just out of the running for medals and their scores took them into fourth position. They had lots of fun playing in the soft play area too!

Written by Ruby (Y6)


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