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Anti Bullying Week 2015.

You can now watch our most recent film, 'Unconditional Bond' above. This films tackles the sensitive subjects of bullying and parental break up.   The film was be used as a discussion point during 'Anti Bullying Week 2015'.

Cineclub is predominately for children in Key Stage 2 and aims to make films that enrich the curriculum and learning.   So far, the children have made several short films that have involved pitching ideas, story boarding, directing, a multitude of camera shots and editing.   They have also interviewed people such as Sir John Madejski, Chairman of Reading Football Club and Luing-Henry Cowley MBE, a Spitfire pilot during World War Two!  All films are shown at the cinema in The Corn Exchange, Newbury and many are shown at national film screenings for young people.

Cineclub is also a way of tackling difficult subjects that concern the children such as bullying.   In the film Half a Heart, the children created a situation where the main character was the victim of extreme bullying.   Although fictional, film making is a platform for children to express their concerns and the process can be empowering and helpful.   Half a Heart was voted in a national poll as winner of The People's Vote.   You can see the film below.

Two of the films, The Mystery of Ruby Roo and Half a Heart won 'Silver Star' awards at The British Film Institute, London and a third, The Switch won 'Best Special Effect' by The Newbury Arts Council earlier this year.   Blink, also won The People's Vote 2015.

You can watch some of the films on this page.   The first is a film called The Switch, followed by the classic Mystery of Ruby Roo, the film that started it all!   The third film is a very thought provoking interview with Luing-Henry Cowley MBE who fought in The Battle of El Alamein.   You can also find out more about Mr. Cowley at http://www.miltonkeynes.co.uk/news/local/our-loop-the-loop-luing-is-awarded-an-mbe-by-queen-1-6133372

Finally, you can watch the incredible 'Half a Heart'.   Powerful in its attempt to highlight the destruction bullying can do to an individual.

DVDs are available if you would like to see more of our films.

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