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Wellingtonia Class are our Year 5 and 6 children, we follow the National Curriculum. As we progress through Key Stage 2 the emphasis switches to secondary readiness, ensuring children are able to use their skills fluently in an increasingly challenging and outward-looking curriculum.

Our Work

Below is a termly overview of the work we intend to cover during Spring Term 2020.

Wellingtonia Class have been experimenting with various electricity circuits in their Science lessons. Seven groups of children conducted different experiments using different components.

These included: bulbs, motors and buzzer investigations.

Some of the investigations were:

  • What happens to the brightness of a bulb if I increase/decrease the number of bulbs in the circuit?
  • What happens to the volume of a buzzer if I increase/decrease the number of batteries/cells in a circuit?
  • What happens to the speed of a motor if I increase/decrease the voltage of the cells/batteries in the circuit?

Here are some videos showing the outcomes of some of those experiments.

Wellingtonia Motor Science.MOVDSCN3718.AVIDSCN4416.AVIDSCN4420.AVI
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